Baccara Bangkok Agogo

Day 1: Spent most of the day sleeping. Jet lag was no joke. Lesson 1: Don’t leave BF in your room while you shower. You come back to this.

Blessing for me. I’m exhausted. She was great company for dinner and drinks. Her english was impressive which really helped me relax and enjoy my time with her.

Baccara Bangkok Agogo. 700 BF 3000 ST (LT) (idk is it anytime if no boom boom yet lol)

2 hours at Baccara. 3 (210baht) lady drinks + 2 (200baht) for me + tip = 1200 baht

Total damage 4200 baht. In America that would get me one 10 minute lapdance and a beer

3 more days in Bangkok to learn with some training wheels then off to Pattaya for the big leagues