Best soapy massages and therapist recommendations?

Hi, everyone I just reached Bangkok from Pattaya. I am looking for suggestions for the best soapy massages and therapists too if you have any favourites. I already have posted about my experience with thai friendly. I also plan to try Fiwfans.

I will really appreciate some pointers. Also are the gogo bars worth it? Are the chicks much hotter than Fiwfans? I see some knockers on there for 1500 bahts.

Hi, In Bangkok 1400 B it is very difficult
In addition, a lot of Soapy massages have closed with the covid crisis.
To my knowledge there are 3 soapy massages.
1 in Bangkapy is far, so difficult i not talk sorry
One, the girls are fat, the other, they are old.
Both, the soapy service is comparable to Soapy massage like Aliena or Nancy. (Average game) the thing is the quality of the girls.
Their massage or sexual technique can be good (even excellent, but the girls are more than 1ʳᵉ youth and often fat)
If, however, you want to give it a try
I know two, 1 is a 15 minute walk from National Stadium
And the other is on Petchaburi Road and accessible on foot, airport line or boat (Klong San Sein).
For prices, it’s around 1700 B (depending on whether you are morphologically Asian, European, black or Indian, prices will vary). Above all, don’t come with a Taxi or it’s 500 to 1000 B more. What the hell the Taxi is going to give, clearly, we’re going to make you pay on arrival.

The last time I came was summer 2022 and they made you pay 100 B to do a covid test.
Last advice, bring your condoms with you (theirs are crap, it’s for the Asian sausage size only.
Suffice to say that without the Mastery of Thai it will be complicated
Prices like this are more for Thais. Her soapies have her as foreign as immigrant Indians (who speak Thai) and who don’t have a penny, not being able to go to the best salons.
Sor Botan ji went summer 2022 so I’m sure they still exist

Here the girls are fat

Am here the last time was just before covid (so not sure)

The girls here are old.

In this avenue there are plains, but the others are 4000 B is more (La Belle)
or 3000 B and more Nancy etc.

For me the Best are since the closure of Victoria Secret and V2, Maria and Caviar (up 15,000 B)

Soapy massages in Pattaya are expensive and too many tourists
The best (price perf ratio) for the Soapy massage is Korat (Nakhon ratchachima)
Chiang Mai are not too expensive otherwise.

Sor Botan and Syphon :
I pay 1700 but i m tall 1m90 and 100 KGS, Farang face Papasan look me, is 500B Taxe.
Yes My Banana are double size, and my body to, is normal i use girl like 5 thai guy… LOL !

Asian price are aboat 1300 B
And if you are a Smely indian or African, i can’t promet you the security open the door.
Or the price are not realy expens more (Lot of girl dont want african or india)
Sorry, but is the reality i Not lie you.
West, Asian and Polite and Clean Indian it’s ok
I talk about what guy i see in salon.