Doki Doki Massage

In late April, I decided to visit Doki Doki, a renowned massage parlour known for its exceptional service. Many reviewers raved about it, so I was eager to see what the fuss was all about.

As I stepped inside, I was immediately impressed by the clean and modern lounge; there was no trace of any unpleasant odors. The receptionists welcomed me warmly, and I struck up a conversation with one of the guys, who was casually eating pizza. He offered me water and showed me genuine hospitality, though I couldn’t resist jokingly suggesting he cut back on the pizza intake.

I had booked in advance via Line, which made the whole process seamless. The reviews had praised Haru, so I chose her as my masseuse. She was not only pretty but also incredibly kind and skillful, giving me one of the best Nuru massages I had ever experienced. It truly made my day.

Though the price was on the higher side (3500 Baht for 90 minutes), I could understand why the overall experience garnered five-star reviews. Rose, another masseuse, was friendly and professional, adding to the positive atmosphere of the place.

Doki Doki had become my go-to spot in Bangkok, thanks to the spotless environment, cute girls, and generally good service. While some of the top girls were occasionally unavailable, the selection and overall experience remained top-notch. The mamasans were also friendly and responsive, making each visit pleasant.

One day, I decided to try something new and went with Yuri and Hanna, two highly recommended girls. They didn’t disappoint, providing an accommodating and excellent massage session. Nina, who spoke great English, even upgraded us to the VIP room, enhancing our experience.

However, not every visit was perfect. On one occasion, I walked in without an appointment, which turned out to be a mistake. The girls presented to me seemed older than I preferred, and the one I chose had a mechanical and slightly dismissive attitude, almost like a driving instructor giving instructions. While the session was not terrible, it fell short of my expectations. I resolved to book appointments in the future and select girls recommended by reviewers to avoid similar situations.

Despite that one hiccup, I wholeheartedly recommend Doki Doki for a great time. It’s a place where you truly get what you pay for, and the experience is well worth the expense. The friendly staff, clean establishment, and excellent service from talented masseuses like Pam, Haru, Rose, Yuri, Hanna, and Nina make it a massage parlour you’ll want to visit again and again.

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