Le Poste

Today I am actually going to a temple, Sanctuary of Truth, and taking a Thai girl who has never been and she lives in Na kluea.

Been here since Tuesday and mostly spent time with her. I met her in May, it’s all in my previous trip reports, and finally met properly end of July. She has a sponsor who comes over soon so only have a few days then my normal Pattaya activity can resume.

It’s ok here not mobbed but not a ghost town either, some bars are busier than others. Plenty of fun to be had, the sun is even showing its face now.

Also as previously reviewed the Surprise BBQ place at the end of the Soi and corner of Buakhao is really good. There is a business opportunity there. In the menu is a note that they have lost the land they are on and as of 31/12/2023 they are looking for land and or partner to relocate somewhere else.

Caught up with DM1 again for the last few days of his trip and he introduced me to the lovely ladies in Stunners and I will be going back there.

In Heaven Above we got there before the girls arrived but went back in time for the shift to start, still a great place with lots of very lovely ladies.

Nice hour or two in Le Poste 300b curtain and 500b BJ plus a LD and tip, lineup was not bad for a BJ place. Like a soapy they all stood behind me by the pool table while I was at the bar getting my drink, I turned around and there they all were, had to make my choice, the pressure :rofl: and dealing with their disappointment :rofl:

Plenty in store for me to look forward to after she has gone to BKK after the weekend, will meet up with Irish Ozzie again when he is back.