The Sound club

I’ve been staying in Koh Samui past week in Chewang. I found a good spot near the Muay Thai Stadium its like a mini walking street with about 20 bars with many girls. Bar fines 500 bht, ST 3000 bht and LT 5000 bht. I also like the area near Green Mango and Sound night club. I would recommend Henry Africa’s bar untold freelancers 600 bht bar fine, 3000 ST and 5000 bht LT. Also in same area two agogo bars with girls dancing on rotation preferred the one opposite Henry Africa’s bar. Some other bars dotted around with girls but didn’t venture in. The Sound club I found is good after 2am untold freelancers, great vibe, good value for drinks I.e large bottle of Sangsom whiskey with a few mixers less than 600 bht. Also Ark bar is good in the evening with fireshows from sunset till 2am. Only a few more days here then I will be off to Pattaya!